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LiKe Bikes

Bike Hire on the Limerick & Kingdom of Kerry Greenways

LiKe Bikes are a premium Bike Hire provider on the Limerick & Kingdom of Kerry Greenways. If you are looking for something to entertain your family & friends, breathe fresh air, have a digital detox or just see the world from another perspective – LiKe Bikes are just a click or a phone call away to begin planning your Greenway experience.


LiKe Bikes cater for all your family needs to make your outing as enjoyable as possible. Their E- Bikes cater for those you may want a smoother and less strenuous experience to allow for enjoying the beautiful scenery along the route.

LiKe Bikes take pride in their attention to detail, quality of equipment and the level of service they offer to make your experience a one you will cherish and repeat.


  • Hybrid Adult Bike    €25.00 per Day 

  • E-Bike Adult Bike     €50.00 per Day 

  • Youth Bike                €15 per Day 

  • Children’s Bike         €10.00 per Day 

  • Trailer                        €10.00 per Day 

  • Mobility Bikes          €50 per Day 

  • Child Seats are Complimentary with Adult Hire

"We want all our customers to enjoy inclusive cycling along the Kingdom of Kerry Greenways, Limerick Greenway, and Tralee – Fenit Greenway route using our premium bikes. Discover our disability fleet for an inclusive cycling experience, which everyone can enjoy.

Our customers enjoy the physical, mental health and wellbeing benefits of cycling, along with the benefits of being immersed in green space and connecting with the natural environment - giving 'green exercise'.  

Cycling on the Greenway offers an excellent opportunity for you to move your body, whilst simultaneously exploring the great outdoors and connecting with your group in a ‘safe space".

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Opening Hours

Multiple sites along or around Tralee to Fenit greenway. 

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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