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A catch up with Ken O'Sullivan

As we write, Ireland has been gripped by the first episode of the RTÉ 1 natural history documentary North Atlantic, a 3 part series where Irish ocean cinematographer Ken O'Sullivan takes the viewer on a magical and spectacular journey through, and beneath, the North Atlantic waters off Ireland.

No stranger to Fenit, Ken's family lineage dates back over hundreds of years on Fenit Island (Fenit Within!) and on one of his most recent fishing trips to Tralee Bay we had a chance to have a quick chat about the then upcoming TV series.

In particular we were interested in the references that North Atlantic makes to Saint Brendan the Navigator. Beyond that we were drawn in to Ken's connection and respect for the coastal community of Fenit and how he believes that the identity of this small maritime village possesses a unique energy. Coming from a man with such ocean pedigree, we'll take that as a pretty strong testimonial.

We compressed our chat into the following 3 minute video piece that was delivered for the local St Brendan heritage group ahead of the annual St Brendan feast day on May 16th.


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