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Podcast-Fenit dune action group & CoastWatch

It can't be long now until the first of the Atlantic winter storms rolls into Fenit, and when it does, the sustained efforts of the Fenit Townhall Dune Action Group (DAG) will be put to the test. DAG is a sub group of the Fenit Townhall whose members throughout 2020/2021 have tackled the coastal erosion of the Fenit Island tombolo whilst also surveying and recording the biodiversity and ecology of the area.

If you're not sure what area of Fenit we are talking about, it is the narrow ribbon of sand that connects Fenit Island to the mainland, which can be seen in the video below - sometimes referred to locally as the back beach.

As part of the continued efforts of DAG, earlier this year a Coastwatch Ireland event was held in Fenit where local and national experts in marine ecology and biodiversity met with local groups and volunteers to examine the tombolo and discuss the environmental challenges. The event was captured for archive audio with the help of the Munster Technological University Kerry Campus and can be listened to below. Contributions from Dr.Kevin Lynch (NUI Galway), Karin Dubsky (Trinity College) & Martha Farrell (Maharees Conservation Association) provide excellent information and background to the ecological challenges faced in Fenit and the wider Tralee Bay area.

The Fenit TownHall DAG continue to regularly meet and volunteer their time to help protect the local marine environment as well as exploring other vital ecological components such as seagrass meadows in the Fenit and Barrow areas. DAG are always open for new members to join so if you have an interest in the conservation and protection of the local coastal environment and want to actively get involved, please drop us a message on social media and we'll be delighted to put you in touch with the group.


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