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The Buoys are back in town - new Tee

We’re delighted to launch our 2023 Collab Tshirt with Tralee Bay Swimming Club, just in time for the installation of the swimming buoys in Fenit.

How many times have we heard ‘when are the buoys going in?’ over the last while, evidence of just how important this annual ritual is to the Fenit swimming community. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to put this cheeky slogan on the back of a tshirt, we hope you like it.

PRE ORDER MODEL - recently we announced our intention to move all FW clothing to a merch on demand model, thus eliminating our contribution to waste textiles, printing stuff only for people who want it. We are now accepting pre-orders for the first batch of these tshirts until May 18th with delivery later in the month, we’ll keep you all updated on the progress of your very own tee.

Thanks to the committee of TBSC for working with us on this project, we can’t wait to get back down to Fenit for the 2023 summer swimming season.

……..Sing it Philo


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