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sailing in fenit

Established in 1956 Fenit is the home of the Tralee Bay Sailing Club. The club has a vibrant member base whose clubhouse is perched high on a cliff with panoramic views of the entire Tralee Bay. Tralee Bay Sailing Club caters for members young and old and across a variety of boat categories. From dinghy class based out of the clubhouse boat yard to the larger yachts moored in Fenit Marina, during the spring and summer months there is sailling action in the bay many nights a week.  

learning to sail in fenit

For junior sailors, kids who want to learn to sail or families who want to see what's involved a good place to start is at Tralee Bay Sailing Club on a Saturday morning. Here you will see the younger members of TBSC rigging and launching from the slip with racing and coaching happening just off the shore. From here you can also speak with the more established members of the club and the coaching team who can provide advice and assistance for becoming a member and learning to sail. 

Separately, Wild Water Adventures host the official club sailing school and schedule lessons on a regular basis for those new to sailing or those aiming to improve their technique. Get in touch with them to get more information on when and these courses are happening and the associated costs. 

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