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middle & long distance swimming

For those planning to stretch a swim distance beyond a dip at Lockes Beach, Fenit is an ideal location. During the summer months a sequence of buoys (9) stretch across the bay between Fenit Pier and the Diving boards. Subject to tides a lap of the buoys can measure between 1.2km - 1.5km. 

For those looking to push a bit further swims around Fenit Lighthouse (departing from the diving boards) are regularly organised with kayak support. This route measures approximately 1.5km-1.8km. This is a favourite and signature swim in Fenit and takes you all of the way around the spectacular Little Samphire Island, home of the Fenit lighthouse. 

Those with a quest for greater distances either swimming solo or part of a group should contact one of the swim coaches or operators that we list here. The 5km Derrymore to Fenit (across the Bay) swim is popular as too is the tide assisted 8km Blennerville to Fenit (Kellys Beach) route. 

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