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swimming in fenit

Fenit is internationally known as a hub for open water swimming. From the groups of daily dippers to hall of fame marathon swimmers, the beautiful waters of Fenit are suitable for all ages and ability of swimmer.  Lockes Beach, or the main beach, in Fenit is the most popular swimming spot and during the summer months is managed by lifeguards but for the more adventurous wild swimmers, marathon swimmers or racers there are plenty more options to suit. For those interested in learning to swim in the ocean, improve technique or conquer a particular swim challenge, below we have included information about swim coaching and training available in Fenit. 

When swimming at any of the beaches around Fenit please always follow water safety best practice, obey lifeguards and avoid using inflatables on the water. Strong currents and tides are present along this coastline and local advice or guidance should always be sought adhered to. 


social swimming and dipping

Fenit offers 3 main spots for social swimming with excellent parking, close to coffee shops and clear shallow water. The social swimmers in Fenit are a vibrant community, welcoming and passionate about their sea water sessions. Click below for more details on how to plan your dip in the Atlantic waters of Fenit. 

middle and long distance swims

Lockes Beach, Fenit is the home of middle distance swimming and swim races. During summer months there is a course marked with buoys and overseen by lifeguards. Click below for more details on what to expect when going for a longer swim in Fenit. 


wild swimming

Away from the most popular swim spots, Fenit and the surrounding coastline offers incredible locations for wild swimmers. Seagrass meadows, fossilized  ocean shelves and secluded private beaches are all accessible who want to swim off the beaten path. More details by clicking below. 

swim events & Races 

Fenit is home of the Tralee Bay Swimming Club, Fenit Swimfest and multiple long distance swim events. These events attract swimmers from all over Ireland and are organised and supported by experienced organisers and safety teams including Fenit RNLI. CLick below from mroe details on some of Fenit's most notable sea swimming events.


swim coaching

Supporting experienced swimmers or those new to open water swimming are experienced coaching and training operators in Fenit. Speak to one of these organisations if you're aiming to improve your technique, begin your sea swimming journey or accomplish a landmark  personal swimming goal. Details below. 

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